LEVOCOIN Decentralized Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency - SWAP Ended

LevoCoin is listed on Levobit.io Exchange on Levobit.io

Levocoin has conducted a coin swap to Levocoin at a Ratio of 1 LEVO = 1 (new) LEVO. We will not rebrand Levocoin, coin name is the same, Ticker is LEVO.

Mining algorithms -x11-

POW technology (proof of work), 25 LEVO block reward.

Advanced Security

Instant payment, Connectivy across network, Anonymous transactions.


Digital currency with blockchain technology. Masternode 10% reward (20000 LEVO setup).


LEVOCOIN (LEVO) is an open source, Bitcoin-like digital currency which uses a proof of work script algorithm.

The genesis block was mined on January 14, 2019. The premine is 90,000,000. Premine has been sent to coinexchange plateform for proceding of the swap of Levocoin.


Coin Swap

LevoCoin has conducted a 1:1 swap to a new chain on the 27th of February.

  • 0 Start
  • $100k End of swap
  • $1 M Soft Cap
Start Ongoing
Coin Supply 100.000.000 LEVO
Project Protocol LEVO, Ovel
Circulation Supply 27.000.000 LEVO
Coin Cap x USD
SWAP Ended
  • 00


  • 00


  • 00


  • 00



Levocoin roadmap for 2019

01 2019

Development of a new wallet for Windows, Linux . New chain for the swap. New block explorer and website.

19 01 2019

Annoucement of the swap on bitcointalk message board.

27 02 2019

End of swap period! New chain for LEVO.

11 2019

Launch of levobit.io Crypto-Currency exchange.

01 2020

Adding games

Wallet links

You can download new Levocoin wallet now!

  • Windows Wallet
  • Linux wallet
  • Levocoin Source code

Click below to download the wallet

WINDOWS WALLET LINUX WALLET SOURCE CODE windows-qt-wallet linux-qt-wallet github-source-code


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